February 5, 2023


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4 Important Changes to Google Ads Extensions: What You Need to Know

Yesterday, Google announced some alterations to ad extensions—all of which are rather excellent, but which could be a small confusing to novice advertisers—so we’re clearing it all up in this article.

tweets about the google ads extensions update

Enlarge picture | Look at the Twitter thread.

The 4 updates are as follows:

  • Advertisement extensions are now called assets.
  • [Legacy] extensions easier to make and preview.
  • Combinations report to exhibit [legacy] extension general performance.
  • New assets report to clearly show personal asset performance.

Examine on to get the comprehensive scoop!

Google Advertisements extensions update: The brief edition

So here’s the fast run-down of Google’s September 15 announcement on extensions:

Starting up now, extensions in Google Advertisements have been rebranded as “assets.” In the coming weeks, the advertisement creation move will change these that you are going to make and preview [legacy] extensions in the advert creation window (as opposed to individually, as it is now). Also in the coming weeks, you are going to get to see unique asset functionality in a new property report. And in the coming months, you will get to see [legacy] extension functionality in the mixtures report.

There is nothing you need to do—all of this will come about quickly and your present [legacy] extensions and associations will remain intact.



What is modifying with Google Advertisements assets & extensions?

Now let’s dive into just about every transform.

Alter #1: Advertisement extensions now identified as property

When is it going on? Now.

This element of the update is very uncomplicated. Google Ads extensions are now known as assets. Very little is switching about any of the property (fka extensions) them selves, just the identify. So you can still develop:

But although all [legacy] extensions are now property, not all assets are [legacy] extensions. Assets also involve headlines and descriptions (for responsive lookup ads) as properly as pictures, logos, and films (for Performance Max strategies).

examples of assets in google ads

Transform #2: You can far more very easily develop property (fka extensions)

When is it occurring? In the coming weeks.

Now I know that occasionally Google will body a less-than-great update as “an less difficult way” to do X, Y, or Z, but in this case, this does appear to be to be an precise improvement in the Google ad development system.

Beforehand, [legacy] extensions were being a independent action from ad creation in the campaign setup method. You experienced (1) Bidding (2) Marketing campaign configurations, (3) Search phrases and adverts, (4) Extensions, and then (5) Spending budget. Now, you’ll have (1) Bidding (2) Campaign configurations, (3) Key terms (4) Adverts and Property, and then (5) Spending plan.

the new vs old ad and extension creation flow

What this means is, just before, you experienced a person window where you could enter and preview your headlines and descriptions (guidelines on responsive lookup advertisement duplicate here) and then a independent window exactly where you could preview your [legacy] extensions—but not in blend with the advert you are associating it with.

Now, you can produce and preview your [legacy] extensions together with your headlines and descriptions.

new vs old google ads ad and extension creation windows

Two other changes:

  • Google will now propose assets primarily based on your campaign aim (this sort of as recommending a direct sort asset if your intention is to deliver prospects).
  • Any property (fka extensions) you develop within this new workflow will also be accessible for other campaigns and advert teams.

Transform #3: [Legacy] extensions to be incorporated in the combos report

When is it taking place? The new information in this report will be rolling out in the following couple of months.

So the combinations report is not a new report in Google Ads. What this report shows you is the amount of impressions each individual asset blend in your responsive research advertisement is having so you can see which types are most frequent.

Because RSAs use equipment studying to serve the best-carrying out combos, this basically offers you an idea of which kinds are the best performers, but as Google reminds us in the report, it’s not advised to produce static versions of top rated-executing mixtures (utilizing pinning), considering the fact that RSAs use true-time indicators to deliver combos.

What’s changing is this: Considering that extensions are now property, you can now see which [legacy] extensions are getting the most impressions as nicely.

legacy extensions now included in the google ads combination report

Change #4: New advertisements & assets report

When is it happening? This report will roll out in the coming months.

Previous but not minimum, there is a new report, referred to as the asset report which permits you to look at unique asset effectiveness within your responsive search adverts (as opposed to combinations of belongings). There’s both an advert-degree asset report and a marketing campaign-degree asset report, and it will be obtainable in an Ads & belongings tab in your remaining-hand navigation panel:

the google ads ads and assets tab

You will then have two views:

In the assets see, you will be able to see headline and description efficiency:

google ads assets report - assets view

Observe that every of these images are screenshots from a GIF in Google’s announcement.

This includes how numerous and which advertisements are making use of the asset, whether it is pinned, as effectively as clicks, impressions, click-via price, and performance ranking metrics:

google ads assets report - metrics available in the assets view

In the associations see, you are going to see comparable details for your [legacy] extensions, like sitelink, picture, direct sort, contact, rate, advertising, and more. You’ll also have visibility into clicks, impressions, and CTR:

google ads assets report - metrics available in the associations view

Do you need to do nearly anything?

Nope! As Google states,

Any existing extensions will mechanically changeover to assets though protecting their assocations at the account, marketing campaign and advert group amounts.

But if you do want to find out about which belongings (fka extensions) are most effective for your advertisements look at out our Google Ads [legacy extensions 🤦🏻‍♀️ ] cheat sheet!