January 29, 2023


The Joy Of Businnes

EJ’s secret Domo sauce: Approvals

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

At EJ, we are using the Approvals place for our interior Domo request procedure. Prior to implementing this solution, we knowledgeable issues with organization and transparency of incoming Domo requests. Requests had been submitted as a result of numerous areas which includes Buzz, electronic mail, messaging, cellphone calls, and other internal business programs.

At times, duplication of get the job done was seasoned when requests were being sent to various consumers. Because of to safety restrictions skilled while applying the Jobs and Responsibilities space of Domo, we were missing a way to organize requests and supply transparency to those involved. When Approvals was introduced in our occasion, we saw this as an chance to centralize requests in a single location. 

Approvals have been intended for acceptance workflows. On the other hand, with the customizable templates, it has worked very well to rework into a personalized request method. Any licensed Domo person has the potential to enter an Approval for a request.

Five Approval templates have been produced in our instance to include the big ask for styles we get, and an supplemental sixth option—”General Domo Request”—is available for any requests that do not tumble into one particular of the other classes.

Every single template is personalized to contain thoughts precise to the subject matter. For illustration, “New Consumer Request” incorporates necessary fields for title, e-mail, and safety/entry requires. And “New/Modified Report Request” can link instantly to web pages or playing cards. These templates involve the essential info upfront, cutting down the again and forth communications to retrieve incomplete information and facts for a request.   

By default, approvals are routed to the admin group for evaluation. After in the admin queue, requests are reviewed and then assigned to an individual admin or electricity consumer that will be responsible for completing the ask for. Reassigning permits people to know who is doing the job on the request. Right after the request has been done, it is permitted and a notification is routinely sent to the unique requester. 

The methods provided by a centralized request method have solved our prior troubles and delivered several supplemental benefits. The opinions space on every ask for is used to arrange discussions and @ point out straight to material within Domo.

End users have the potential to insert observers or acceptance consumers to an personal request, which offers enhanced transparency to their group. This process solves the concern of requests coming via numerous methods, allowing for for far better group and prioritization.

Another reward is the skill to develop DataFlows on the Approval procedure by itself, so we can crank out dashboards tracking the flow of acceptance processes. 

Finally, using Approvals for our inside Domo request procedure lets us to organize and deal with requests efficiently with a a lot quicker turnaround, ensuing in an improved person expertise.