February 6, 2023


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In Supplier Negotiations, Lying Is Contagious

In Supplier Negotiations, Lying Is Contagious

Getting misleading — or not completely sincere — in negotiations is pretty typical. But two experiments found that it can have a unsafe influence: It can unfold in an corporation. This short article discusses the analysis results and gives actions that can suppress the exercise of likely contagious too much deception.

Envision you’re making an attempt to strike a deal with a supplier or you are a provider striving to strike a offer with a potential customer and the other company’s negotiator lies to you. Do you A) respond with honesty or B) lie proper again?

Option A is for the white knights among the us who strictly stick to Kant’s categorical very important of performing the way how you would want others to act. Having said that, many individuals choose for the “tit for tat” actions and opt for Alternative B: They lie back.

But as our investigation — printed in the Journal of Functions Management — observed, there is a darkish aspect to carrying out so. Lying at the time can be contagious. It can pave the way for lying all over again in other interactions or negotiations with persons at other organizations. Consequently, there are steps that providers should get to suppress these actions and reduce it from spreading.

Our Conclusions

We set up two experiments with 350 and 424 salespeople with B2B profits negotiation expertise. In each experiments, individuals acted as profits managers for a splendor and house treatment solutions supplier and engaged in negotiations above the products charges with getting managers from different shopper corporations.

Our benefits revealed clear contagion effects. Our to start with experiment confirmed that only 16% of individuals who had been on the acquiring finish of honesty lied in the remaining negotiation, but 55% of members who witnessed misleading habits lied.

In our 2nd experiment, we created tweaks to make dishonesty relatively considerably less interesting and to test for the robustness of the effects. The contagion influence remained: More than two times as numerous individuals selected deception when earlier witnessing it as individuals who ended up formerly subjected to honesty. Inversely, equally experiments also confirmed the contagion of honesty. Remarkably, the frequency with which participants had been exposed to a actions did not modify contagion outcomes all round. A solitary incidence was enough to spark contagion.

Preemptive Measures

Our experiments recommend that a business need to be cautious about whom it does business with, simply because in the close, its conduct is probably to be affected by theirs. But how do you retain your company from currently being contaminated? The subsequent measures could enable:

Ensure your negotiating team has at the very least two men and women.

The mere existence of a 2nd pair of eyes may make the direct negotiator additional aware of his or her own habits and, as a end result, resist the form of impulsive actions that guide to lies.

Strongly strengthen your code of perform.

For illustration, you could possibly call for personnel in negotiation positions to endure biannual ethics instruction rather than the one particular-off crash ethics class at the starting of employment that other staff generally acquire. You might also request staff leaders to remind personnel about the company’s core moral concepts in month-to-month team conferences. At last, negotiating groups could jointly review their behaviors just after a negotiation to reflect on whether the code of perform was violated. Knowing that one’s dishonest negotiation behaviors will be reviewed by colleagues may perhaps build peer pressure, triggering that particular person to better adhere to the code of carry out.

Thoroughly display the other company’s negotiators.

Absolutely, some diploma of dishonesty can be considered as aspect of the negotiating recreation, but provided that these types of actions can infect your staff and have lasting effects, you should not tolerate extremes. To that conclusion, you could retain a file of other parties’ behaviors or have your team’s negotiators look at notes about previous interactions with the individual in concern.

If it turns out that the man or woman was a negative actor, you could demand the other organization swap him or her and demonstrate why you are making that ask for. Or you could opt for not to do business with that organization.

Throughout negotiations, you could also use software to discover negative actors. With the assistance of an automatic language analysis method known as Linguistic Inquiry and Word Depend, we analyzed the phrasing of negotiation statements and discovered that, on common, genuine statements experienced a bigger diploma of words and phrases reflecting analytical considering (e.g., “know,” “cause”) and authenticity (e.g., “I,” current-tense verbs) and a decreased degree of emotional phrases (e.g., “fear,” “happiness”) than lying statements.

Although there is no vaccine, these steps may perhaps support your firm come to be more resilient towards contagious dishonesty.